Win a MasterCard Gift Card (35,000 prizes)

win-mastercard-gift-cardHere is an offer from Camel where you can enter to win 1 of 35,000 MasterCard Gift Cards. Once you log into their site it is the Match and Win game located under Activities. You can play this one daily through Dec 24, 2013 I believe!



  1. Robin Hagaman says

    I’m actually not going to enter this one! Because it is through Camel cigarettes and I stopped smoking! I use to smoke Camels. If I sign in, they will send me coupons again and I don’t want them to lol

  2. Brenda Caraway says

    I am the blonde with the black poodle. I would love to win this money becaue I really could use it right now. I need to fix some things in my house and S.S.D.I. is not going to ever save enough money to fix what needs to be fixed. I need to replace some iteams that need to be replaced like the microwave its was bought in the 80’s and so was the Ice box. our deep frezze killed over a few years ago and since it was a small one and my boyfriend was working at the time we where able to buy one. He is one S.S.D.I> and we just can not aford to buy the things we need. He needs a wheel chair specailly made for him. we need 2 new bed that can hold our weight. He has his room I have mine. We need small things done like a handy man kiind of things. my neighbor helps us a bit if it wheren’t for him we’d be up a creak we give him a little bit of money for helping us out. We need a new lightkit in Brians room for his ceilling fan and someone to put it in. I could just use the money to make it eayer for I blind girl with a guide dog and two pets and an another guide dog coming when ever they have the dog I need ready for me. I volenteer for PEP Pet Eduation Project we talk to the kids about taking care of their pets and we talk about working dogs. Its really cool to talk to the kids and help out.

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