Win a Juicepresso Juicer

win-juicepresso-juicerHere is an offer where you can enter to win a Juicepresso Juicer worth $499.99! Just sign up for their site to be entered, you can do things like share a link and share stuff to earn more entries!


Free Cadbury Creme Egg (Savingstar)

free-cadbury-creme-eggHere is an offer for a FREE Cadbury Creme Egg from Savingstar. To get this one you will load it onto one of your store rewards cards and then go claim it at that store. SHARE with friends so they can get one too!


Enter to Win a Yamaha Boat

win-yamaha-boatHere is an offer where you can enter to win a yamaha boat worth $85,000! This offer ends on April 12, 2015!


Enter to Win an Easter Bunny Caramel Apple Basket

win-easter-bunny-basketWho wants to win a Easter Bunny Petite Caramel Apple Basket? Enter by March 29, 2015 and there will be 3 winners on this one!


Free Betty Crocker Samples

free-betty-crocker-productsEvery month Betty Crocker gives out 10,000 free samples of their products, the catch is that you HAVE to be signed up ahead of time to be eligible to claim them. They send out emails with the samples in them (and I post when they are sending out the emails). Make sure you get signed up!


Free Pillsbury Samples

free-pillsbury-product-samplesHave you signed up for Pillsbury yet? Every month they give out 10,000 samples of their products, but you need to be signed up first so that you can claim them when they go live. I will post updates when their freebies go live so that you don’t miss them.


If you have signed up and wondering why you haven’t received samples, it is because you have to claim them when they come available. Their samples are hidden in emails, and when they go live, I post about them so people can go get them.