Free Perfume Samples

I am sure everyone knows about all the free fragrance samples that you can get at the mall and department stores, but did you know that you can also get free perfume samples delivered right to your door absolutely free? That is right, no credit card needed and no shipping fees at all!

The free samples of perfume that I have listed below stay pretty much in stock. If you find one that isn’t available anymore let me know so that I can mark it as expired. Also, if you know of some other fragrance freebies that I do not have listed, send me those as well so that I can get them added to the list!

Once you are done claiming your free perfume samples please take a look around the rest of our site and see what other kinds of stuff you can find! I update the site every day so there is always something new available that you can claim absolutely free of charge!

Free Perfume Samples

Lacoste Fragrances - Lacoste has a great sampling program for their perfumes, and you can claim multiple at the same time. Right now the ones available are: Eau de Lacoste L12.12, Eau de Lacoste Femme and Eau de Lacoste Rogue. Claiming is pretty simple too! This is a great one to try out! If the link doesn’t work on this one, have a look around their site for other samples!

Hugo Boss Fragrance Samples - Hugo Boss has some great fragrances for men that are available. Right now you can score free samples of the following: Boss Bottled, Boss Bottled Night, Boss Bottled Sport and Boss Nuit. Once you go to the link, look for “free sample” button and a pop up will request your shipping info.

Escada Fragrance – Escada Fragrance have several different samples that you can claim. As the time of me posting this they include Cherry in the Air, Especially Escada Delicate Notes, Especially Escada, Sexy Graffiti and Rockin Rio making a total of 5 fragrances that you can claim, and yes, you can request all 5.