Free Kids Magazines

Let’s face it, kids love getting mail! I know I always did as a child, so why not sign up so that your child can get some FREE magazines in the mail! There are some really great free childrens magazines out there that any kid would love to get! Here are some that I found looking around. If you can add to the list, please let me know what you find. If you find something on my list that isn’t available any more, please let me know so that I can remove it!

Free Kids Magazines

Free Lego Club Magazine – If you have any boys in your house, they will absolutely LOVE this magazine! I know there are a ton of Lego addicts out there, and they will be thrilled having this show up at your door for them to look at and dream about new sets they want!
Free Kids Guide to Helping Animals Magazine – Here is an offer for a FREE subscription to Kids Guide to Helping Animals magazine which features information on protecting wildlife, helping animals and also some celebrity scoop on kids helping animals. DISCLAIMER: This magazine is put out by PETA, I know people have different views, if it isn’t for you, then just pass on it :)
Free Issue of Teen Ink Magazine – For the older kids, here is an offer for a FREE issue of Teen Ink Magazine which is written BY teens and for teens! In addition, your teen can also submit their own work to be included in the magazine!
Free Subscription to American Baby Magazine – This one is going to be more geared towards adults, but since it is about babies, I figured I would include it in the list here as it may be something that mom or dad will want to order for themselves!


  1. Derrek B says

    Our kids love Lego magazine. Some of the ones we love for the kids are:
    Boy’s Life
    Ranger Rick
    Your Big Backyard

  2. laura kyne says

    I just signed my son up for the Teen Ink free issue! I did not know any other place to mention it but a website called has free subscriptions available also. I signed up for Maxim-totally non child related but I had noticed you had asked for other magazine ideas on the previous page so there ya go and hope it is a start!

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