Free Baby Stuff – List of 9 baby freebies!

free-baby-stuffFREE BABY STUFF

Are you or someone you know expecting a new bundle of joy? Babies are expensive, which is why I have put this list together of some great baby freebies that you can order right now.

Not only are these great to claim for new moms, you could also claim some of this stuff and put it together for a great baby shower gift, and it doesn’t get much cheaper than free!

1 – Free Gifts for Creating Baby Registries

If you are an expecting mom, no doubt you will be looking to find places to register your baby. There are many companies out there, and a few of them will give you free baby gifts for registering with their company.

  • Target Baby Registry – Create a Target Baby Registry and you can get a gift in store that has up to $60 in free baby stuff. I have seen many people getting these and they have included things like samples and coupons as well as pacifiers and bottles. See my post Free $50 Baby Gift from Target for more information on what is included with the Baby Registry Gift and detailed instructions for claiming this one.
  • Amazon Baby Registry – This one seems to come and go, but when you sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry they sometimes have an offer where you can get a box of free baby stuff valued at up to $50. This one is usually mentioned in the sidebar of the Amazon Baby Registry page, so take a look at it and see if the offer is currently available.

2 – Honest Company Trial Kit

Have you checked out The Honest Company yet? It is a great company that not only has a lot of baby stuff, but also great household cleaning products as well. I just love this company, and you really can’t beat trying them out for FREE.

Free Baby Leg Warmers

Free Baby Leg Warmers

3 – Free Baby Leg Warmers wants you to try out their Baby Leg Warmers for FREE. This is a great little offer because you get quite the selection for free. Visit the site below and add 5 baby leggings that you like to your cart. Once you get to check out enter code “ENBABY” to get them for free! Just pay the shipping fee!

Not only is this great to get for yourself, it also makes an excellent gift for someone you know who has a baby at home.

Be sure and sign up for your Free Baby Leg Warmers

4 – Free Magazines for Babies

  • Baby Talk Magazine – This is a very popular magazine among new and expecting moms, it is available for free pretty readily
  • Parents Magazine  – Here is a great magazine that you can get for free. This magazine is geared towards women ages 18-34 who have growing children. It features a wide range of topics related to child raising and parenting.
  • American Baby Magazine – American Baby Magazine is for both new and expecting moms. It covers a wide range of issues from health and safety issues to product reviews of the latest and greatest products on the market.

Everyday Happy Trial Products

5 – Everyday Happy

With Everyday Happy you can sign up for between 1 and 3 free trail kits. Below are the ones that they have available to try out.

  • Free Diapers and Wipes – This is a great opportunity to try out some free diapers. Their free trial includes a set of both diapers and wipes.
  • Free Family Care Kits – This kit includes Diaper Care Cream, Shampoo & Body Wash, Hand Soap Liquid, Laundry Detergent and Face & Body Lotion.
  • Free Wellness Care Kits – This trial kit will include Multivitamins as well as Omega 3s.

Everyday Happy is a trial offer, and you have 7 days to decide if you want to keep their service. No matter what you decide, you do get to keep your free trial kit!

6 – Free Formula Samples

Formula is going to be another one of those expensive items that it feels like you have to keep buying over and over again. Be sure and get signed up for the sites below, not only can you get free samples and coupons, but some of them offer perks like diaper bags and more!

  • Similac Strong Moms – Similac Strong Moms is a program from Similac (obviously) where you sign up you can get formula samples sent directly to your house (usually full sized products). In addition they offer other freebies like diaper bags, messenger bags, and other great gifts.
  • Enfamel Family Beginnings – Signing up with Enfamil Family Beginnings will get you access to free samples, coupons and expert parenting and pregnancy advice.
  • Gerber Baby – Sign up for Gerber Baby and you can get a FREE Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit while you are in the hospital. This will include samples, coupons and a small bag for inside of your diaper bag.

Free Baby Sling

7 – Free Baby Sling wants to send you a FREE baby sling ($48 Value!). To get this one you just need to head over to their site, pick out a sling and make sure to find one that first you, then you use code “ENBABY” to make it free. To get this one you just need to pay shipping. Not only is this great for new and expecting moms, this makes a great baby shower gift too!

8 – Diaper Coupons

Several of the major diaper companies offer lots of coupons for diapers that they will send you in the mail. Get signed up for them so that you are on their mailing lists and receive your coupons that will save you money on one of the biggest expenses that a baby costs.

  • Pampers – Sign up for Pampers to get free samples, promotions and coupons.
  • Luvs – Sign up for the Luvs program, right now they have coupons as well as an opportunity for you to win free diapers for a year!
  • Huggies – Sign up for Huggies program and get instant coupons to save money on Diapers!
  • GoodNights – GoodNights program currently has several different coupons available!
Free Carseat Canopy

Free Carseat Canopy

9 – Free Carseat Canopy

Carseat Canopy wants to send you a FREE Carseat Canopy ($50 value). To get this freebie just head over to their site and then select the one that you want. Add it to your shopping cart and use code “ENBABY” to make this free. You just have to pay for shipping. They have a ton of styles available that are both cute and trendy!

10 – Free Activities for Babies

Finding baby friendly things to do can often be a challenge, here are some great offers for free activities that you can do with your baby.

  • Free Gymboree Class – Sign up through this link and you will get your child’s first Gymboree class for FREE! Gymboree classes help to develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play!

Do you know of more free baby stuff that I may be missing? Leave a comment and let everyone know!

11 – Huggies Little Snugglers Samples

You can sign up for a free sample of Huggies Little Snugglers SamplesYou can use any 5 digit code it seems on the claim code to get this one.